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"The how to workshop" - Plaits, Buns, Twists & More...

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

On Sunday 1​st​ March Heaven Scent Hair and Beauty opened their doors to welcome little  princesses in with their parents, carers and grandparents for a fun and interactive hair  styling workshop. It was such a success that we felt our other loyal customers, that weren’t able to attend, would enjoy reading about the day.  

Parents, Practice, Practicing, Hair, Style, Hairstyle, Plaits, Updo, Redkin
Plaits, Buns, Twists & More

Initially we planned to host just one session, but after that got booked out straight away we knew we had to host more. Once we were aware that so many of you wanted the opportunity to learn a new skill we knew we had to host more! So that no one missed out we decided to hold 3 separate sessions. 

The workshop covered “Plaits, Buns, Twists & More.”. During the course of the day we broke down complex braid styles into easy-to-follow steps. We began by demonstrating to the group how each style is done using a model. Next we had them practicing on their own little princesses. Each member of the group was given one to one time, to help them with their specific needs and hang ups. For example one parent was  having a tough time mastering French Plaits. Starting with basic plaits we progressed  our way from there. By the end of the session she had mastered the French braid! Much to her daughters delight, who could now go to school with a new style - not just a  ponytail! It was amazing to see everyone working so hard. With parents coming in to the  workshop with no knowledge of plaiting, to leaving 2 hours later with a full  understanding of how to do them.

Fishtail, Plait, Fishtailplait, Pink, Hair, chair, mirrors, neat, updo, plaits, little girl, redkin, colour
Fishtail plait, plait, bow, blue, updo, hair, colour, masterpiece, art, design, mirror, pretty
french plait, plait, hair, hair up, colour, pretty, little girl, designing, art, practicing, skills

The salon made the decision to hold a workshop to help parents and carers give their child the hairstyles they are wanting, as we are frequently asked how to do different styles of braids. We’re always keen to help but you can be pushed for time in the salon.  Hosting a dedicated day to braid hairstyles meant that we could give the time it  requires to really learn how to do good plaits.  

It was great to see such a good turnout, including 4 doting fathers, who now know how  to do their daughters' hair for school, their dance competition, parties or just for some daddy/daughter bonding! Salon owner Louise is particularly pleased to see this. 4 years  ago Louise’s sister passed away; sadly leaving a little girl behind. Louise’s brother in law,  as sole carer, had to learn quickly how to do his daughters hair. It is here that Louise  found the inspiration as to how she could help other parents - even if it just with the little  things like plaiting their daughters hair.  

dad, daughter, hair, plait, chair, mirrow, pretty, parent, little girl,
Talking, gathering, mum, salon, hairdresser, mirror, practicing, practice, hair, plait, updo
girl, hair, bow, yellow, mirror, redkin, food, colour

We had some amazing feedback from the workshops, and hope everyone went away more knowledgeable and geared up with more styles for their little princesses. 

Now that you know what you can expect from one of our workshops do you think we should do more? Would you come next time? What kind of workshop would you like to see us do next time? We have loads of ideas and are excited to see what happens next.

Heaven Scent x

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